Venatores Managing Partner GmbH, Latin for „the Hunters” is specialised in a variety of economic sectors and methods and can therefore offer tailor made services for challenging recruitment projects.

With our specialised „Executive Search” and the specially developed “Expert Hunting” concept we can respond more individually and specialised to your human resources projects. Just like hunting once quickened the evolution of mankind Venatores Managing Partner aides the future development of your organisation.

Our special focus – a first class network and the global presence of Venatores Group enables us to process challenging recruitment projects – both nationally and internationally.


Our clients operate in private sector within various economic industries as well as countries and are optimally advised on eye level by our consultants with sector-specific knowledge.

The motivation to work with us can be manifold. We do not name referenceswe are recommended.

To ensure long-term increase of the enterprise value, we identify and win over the most important resources for our clients:

  • Charismatic managers, who bring a competitive edge to the company

  • Experts, who offer a special economical or technical skillset

  • Well educated and highly motivated specialists, who will form the organisations backbone

Candidates that were recruited through us – regardless to which organisational level they belong – are loyal to our clients and contribute to the development of the organisation. For example: in business development and change processes, consolidations, development of new products and services as well as winning new customers.

Naturally, we ensure confidentiality and discretion for our clients. Our methods and competencies are sustainably and continuously improved and therefore ensure smooth processing of our projects.


We specialise in working with people, who have no primary motive for change but are interested in expanding ones horizons and advance professionally.

So called “passive candidates” are highly educated, motivated and well paid individuals with brilliant prospects. We are experts in recognising and expanding said prospects by approaching these candidates discreetly and offer development opportunities. We help to realise potential and assist in making educated choices – geared towards a successful career.

We gently acquaint candidates and clients to create a sound foundation for a trustful relationship. Future orientated conversations between candidates and clients are facilitated in a discreet atmosphere.

Our services reach beyond the decision to work for our client. We diligently accompany the entire hiring process and coach employees through the initiated change process, to enable our candidates to perform to their usual high standards in their new job.

Candidates progressing to management positions will often become our clients. Due to the trusting and intensive collaboration during the recruitment process.